Word from the President

Craig Kugler, President

It’s the heart of fall. It’s snowed on the mountains, the leaves have turned and rain has been prevalent lately: A time of change. Your Board of Directors is always looking for changes to make our club better. For some time we have been looking at how to  improve our newsletter: more interesting, more content and more timely all while making it more financially sustainable as it is the club’s largest annual expense. In conversations with members we realized that most members today get their news, information, magazines and catalogs and maintain social contacts through electronic means. This makes sense as it is more varied, provides more content, is more timely than print and is less costly to deliver. Our view is that to improve our newsletter and make it financially sustainable, we need to make a change. To that end, the Board has approved a plan to produce The Circular in an “electronic only” format beginning with the January/February 2017 issue. The newsletter has actually been available in this format for some years and many of you already receive it this way.

What do we believe we gain from this change? As a member you should see more content including more articles, pictures and, downstream, links to other Porsche related content: all delivered through an e-mail link and available more than a week earlier than print. As a club we gain more flexibility in newsletter production including layout, page count, appearance (all color) and the ability to deliver this content to members at a sizable reduction in cost. Seems like a win-win!

Since the primary way you will be notified of newsletter availability is through your e-mail. It is critical that your PCA Member Profile have your correct e-mail address. If you receive club e-blasts now, you should be fine. If you aren’t receiving club e-blasts, you will need to correct your e-mail address through pca.org.

All of us recognize this will be a big change for some members. If you have particular questions about this change, feel free to contact me directly.

In this edition, you’ll get first hand reports on several club events (Oktoberfest and the 718 Boxster Launch Party) as well as special car related activities that included some of our members (Tire Rack Street Survival and SCCA DE at Thunderhill). My sincere thanks to our contributors and hosts who help enrich our members’ experience. Upcoming events noted inside include: Saturday Breakfasts, a very special Volunteers Appreciation Dinner and Tech Session in November!  By the way, our Annual Holiday Party is coming in December to a new day (Friday) and a new venue (Lakeridge Tennis Club) so make sure you check out the Calendar for details – I don’t want you to miss the club’s capstone annual event!   Make sure you check out our calendar section and register for an upcoming event! Check out all our upcoming events online at: www.snr-pca.org

 I hope to see you at our next event. Until then, be safe!

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