Word from the President

Craig Kugler, President

It is hard to believe 2016 is over and 2017 is here. Remember: Whatever you are doing as the new year is born is what you will be doing all year! I am planning this out. Maybe sip some bubbly and kiss my bride! Cheers to a new year for all of us to think and plan what we want the club to do in this new year.

But we first need to take one last look back to say thank you to all of you who have made the club such a fun, friendly group to hang out with. And thank you to Karen Vibe who a er six years can retire to being back as just a club member. It was Karen’s enthusiasm and friendliness, with Karen Goodie’s support, that welcomed and encouraged Mayla and I to be more active members. It was Karen Vibe’s idea to have what turned into the Treffen. And another thank you to Craig Kugler, who with Mary Lou’s support, expertly organized not only the club’s 50th Anniversary but also the Treffen. And remember this was Craig’s second stint as president — wow, what wonderful commitment and dedication to the Club! Also thanks to the club officers and Board. Deven Hickingbotham, our Activities Chair, who demonstrated logistics, planning and food selection excellence. And Debbie Dell, our Treasurer, who paid bills and has generated monthly nancial statements throughout 2016. And Doug Driver, Competition Chair, who let us know when and where the next race was and now as Secretary generates monthly Board minutes. And Karen O’Larey, Membership Chair, who with Rich’s support deals with all of the national incoming and outgoing member notices, changes and updates. And Merlin Simon who is out beating the bushes for ads for our newsletter and with his decades of experience and wisdom keeps the club on track. Speaking of decades of experience and expertise on all that is Porsche is John Strom, who with Alice’s support, helped with the 50th, the Concours and Treffen, and much more. And Jim Hemig, who is always ready to help with fliers and our newsletter. And Dan Aynesworth, who fortunately helped emcee the 50th, the Concours and helped with the Treffen. Many years of dedication from all of these Club members that fortunately will continue; thank you!!

Our theme for 2017 will be having FUN! We are going to do this with our 2017 events old and new. We need your involvement, input and ideas and support. What events would you like to see the Club have in 2017? Can you organize/host an event or help with an existing event? Hosting your first event is a little nerve-racking but we can help. All of our events started with a club member who wanted to share something they enjoyed. The more, the merrier, right? Please come to breakfast and our planning meeting January 21st at the Gold ‘N Silver 9am to 11:30am ($15).

A funny thing happens when you attend and get involved in a club event — you meet and get to know some great, friendly people. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful group of very nice human beings. It really is about the people, not the cars. 

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