Word from the President

Craig Kugler, President

I attended my second Zone 7 President’s Meeting and was reminded of how vast and diverse the Porsche Club of America is.

Sixty-one years after its creation, PCA found over 1,800 Porsche people at the 61st Parade, in Jay Peak, Vt., where attendees were able to view over 200 Porsches at the Concours and Historical Display second to none.

PCA has experienced an unparalleled growth, not only in members, but in the quality of its events and services. In 2016, PCA served more than 75,000 families, with over 118,000 members in 143 local regions, making it the largest single marque car club in the world. PCA Club Racing is occurring all over the U.S., and PCA Concours standards are second to none. Multiple national committees help members with technical problems, insurance valuations, event safety, region management and newsletters.

I saw this firsthand as Mayla and I attended the Redwood Region's Run for the Crab, a drive from San Rafael up Scott Canyon to Tomales Bay, then to Point Reys and back to the Marin Yacht Club for a wonderful crab feed. As we do in our club, we met many new friendly members. National, Zone and Region officers attended and are working to make our club better. Past President Craig Kugler was recently appointed National Finance Director!

So, not only do you have the many events our club offers but you have our neighboring regions who also have more events to enjoy and more enthusiastic club members to meet. You will see that the number of events and diversity of events is much greater and larger than you might think. The largest single mark car club that you are a part of really is impressive. Take advantage of it and have fun and enjoy. 

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