Word from the President

Craig Kugler, President

Why do we love our Porsches? Why is Porsche Design selling what looks like a dual exhaust muffler that is actually a speaker system?? Why do I have four large Porsche alloy wheels in my bedroom? Why do I have Porsche posters all over the house and office? Why did I spend a considerable sum installing a sport exhaust on our Cayenne? Why do I spend hours cleaning and polishing my German machines? Why do I get excited seeing a pack of Porsches on the Dust Off Tour?

Growing up in the 60s and 70s in Fallon, with the “city” of Reno 60 miles west, my grandparents in the Elko County Ruby Mountains, and my father’s business involving travel to Austin and Eureka, then me meeting this beautiful tall brunette from Ely, driving miles on beautiful deserted Nevada roads were all integral parts of my life.

Jackrabbits, deer and birds were noteworthy. Machines and solving mechanical puzzles and design were also an integral part of that life. Those many machines we relied on — electrical motors, pumps, small gasoline engines, refrigeration compressors, forklifts, tractors, swathers and harobeds. I couldn’t waste a second not being able to drive and get my driver’s license, a huge step of independence and adventure, my chance to see the world; my world — even if it is counting the summits on the way east on 50 to Ely. And add in that you’re 16, 18, 21 and there is no speed limit on many Nevada highways!

By the way, those summits are Carroll Summit (7452') or New Pass Summit (6340') depending on the year, Austin Summit (7484'), Bob Scott Summit (7267'), Hickison Summit (6594'), Pan- cake Summit (6521', our favorite because of the name), Little Antelope Summit (7438'), and Robson Summit (7588').

So the search for a better way, a better machine, a better design, a better trip led to German hot rod sports cars with innovative designs. The flat six, the rear engine, the Z-rated low aspect tires with alloy wheels, the fuel injection, the direct injection, the Dopplekupplung get us there faster easier and with a lot of cool style and fun. The 911 evolved shape, the handling, the power, the alloy wheels that are art from metal, the roar of the sport exhaust and the stitched leather are the evolution of all those years, culminating in smiles, as our journey moves forward and leads us to savor and miss the miles past and look forward to new places, new friends and new adventures.

Come join the drive. 

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