Word from the President

Craig Kugler, President

SNR-PCA is a very financially healthy organization, thanks to your officers and Board. 

For my part I have been vigorously trying to spend your money! It was through our Activities Chair Deven Hickingbotham’s suggestion in early 2017 that we use some of your club's money to subsidize events that this effort began. 

The Board agreed and your club has been paying part of the cost for dinners and events. For the Oktoberfest, your club paid for an upgrade for the menu items. For the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on November 9th, your club will be contributing to reduce the cost of the dinner as a way of saying thank you to all of our volunteers who hosted events and kept our calendar full of events and fun! 

Similarly the Board has decided to subsidize our Holiday Party Dinner on December 14th. Deven has arranged for some wonderful food for these events. The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner will be at La Veccia - one of my favorite Reno Italian restaurants. We are returning to Lakeridge Tennis Club Grill for the Holiday Party. 

You might not think that this venue would have such great food but last year the food was excellent. I still remember their halibut; awesome! 

So come out and join your Porsche friends for these events. Along with subsidizing events, your club also managed to make significant contributions to our charity, AMBUCS. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, efforts by Deven and me have been wholly unsuccessful. We still have almost the same amount in the bank that we started with at the beginning of the year!