Word from the President

Craig Kugler, President

With the calendar turning to June we are three weeks away from the Concours Judging School, Saturday, June 25th, at Reno Porsche and only two months from our 2017 Zone 7 SNR-PCA Concours d’Elegance at Rancho San Rafael Park, July 30th. It is time to round up our judges and start planning how we are going to get our Porsches ready.

That can be starting to clean or making a reservation with our favorite detailer or car wash. There are a lot of misconceptions about Concours. Many think it is just for those who enjoy cleaning every nook and cranny obsessively on our Porsches. is creates a lot of unnecessary fear and trepidation about Concours. Actually Concours is just a car display for our club members with a social aspect — a meet and greet, a fun tech quiz, and dinner Saturday, July 29th ... then the Concours Sunday morning, July 30th.

You choose how uncompetitive or competitive you want to be by choosing your class. Display isn’t judged at all and is probably the most popular class. Concours starts with parking the cars on the green in a beautiful setting, enjoying coffee and bagels, final cleaning, then judging followed by a picnic, raffle and awards. We give out approximately 30 trophies. Almost everyone wins! And that is the mindset of Concours — having fun enjoying all the di erent people and their different Porsches! Judges are in teams with team members having a speci c part of the car to check and judge. Our Zone 7 has judging sheets that tell us what parts of the car to look at and how many points to score — it is pretty simple. Everyone helps each other; anyone can do it. It is an opportunity that I enjoy about the club, lots of new people to meet, lots of new things to try. The Concours was the first club event I tried back in 2005. The main thing to keep in mind is not to take it too seriously ... just enjoy the show!

Also coming up, June 22nd we have our second Summer Wine Social with a twist — Hawaiian Style! is should be a blast! I get to wear my Hawaiian shirt! Thank you, hosts Deven and Renee!

Parade in Spokane is July 7th to 15th. We will be rallying members who plan to attend. Works Reunion Monterey is August 18th, perhaps the most Porsches you will ever see in one place! We will be rallying all club members attending for this event also.

So come out and have some fun, join us, make some new friends, try something new!